Climbing Girl

Rebecca is really into climbing.  And her Grandfather encourages her by helping her into his plumb tree.


Went to see the Thanksgiving day parade.  Mostly sitting at the curb, with the occasional marching band.

Fondue with the Koops

We had the Koops over for fondue.  Visit the gallery!

Elinor Birthday

Elinor had a birthday!  Took some fun pictures at the playground.


Rebecca went with her pre-school to the Shantzholm pumpkin patch.  Visit the gallery!

Enns Migration

Phil and Lori have moved out East.  Mom and Dad travelled with them & brought home some pictures.

Enns Moving Day

Phil and Lori, Katie, Mia, Sara haved moved to Nova Scotia.  We’ll miss them.  I don’t think Rebecca realizes yet how far away her cousins are.

Rebecca and Ben


We really like to colour.


One last supper mtg in Toronto.