Outside our window

We have had a lot of snow this year. I can’t remember the last time we’ve had this much. Daddy and J were outside on the weekend trying to take back some of our yard. They shovelled a path from the deck to the playhouse, and a neat triangle linking it all to the BBQ. This is after we lost about 30cm to melting.

Swinging in the back yard

Introducing CiCi and Mimi!

Cici after Oma and Opa’s cat they had in Africa, and Mimi, because it is fun, and suggested by R! (Cici is black, Mimi the tabby)

Dreams are made of this…

My little boy was so excited by this. I think I’ll take him by tomorrow and see if we can watch it ‘with a driver’.

Popping bubble wrap

Best way to start the summer.


My little J man L-O-V-E-D this afternoon. He loves mowing the lawn with grandpa! And after all that hard work, he was so very cute lounging the same way grandpa was.
A bit-o-sass

Poor dear

My poor dear. She is really struggling with teething. The last few days whenever she happens to bump her gums, she flies into this little temper where she thrashes about, and she doesn’t want up, doesn’t want down, just throwing herself back and forth. Well today, all her back and forth, and suddenly she fires herself out of my arms at playgroup. The poor dear!

Reading stories

J’s current favourite book is “Silly Sally”. It’s very sweet and cute, and he dissolves into giggles every time “Neddy Buttercup” comes into the story.

The first step

I really didn’t intend the pun, it just fit. Well, little miss E has been slow to walk. She will walk a bit when you hold her hands, but after a dozen steps or so she wants to get down and crawl. She is everywhere, trying to master up and down stairs, and climbing…wow does she climb. So we haven’t been too worried about walking. Well today I was playing on the floor with J and her, and she stood at the coffee table, and suddenly turned, and took 2 steps to me without thinking about it! Whoohoo! I am torn. I really don’t want to rush this, and yet, when we play outside, it is really hard when she wants to crawl everywhere! Still, don’t grow up too fast darling!

Bedtime business

So my current strategy is to sit beside J until he falls asleep. In the last month he has realized that he can make me react to him by the things he says. “I need a drink of water”, gets me to give him a sip of water. After that, I ignore him completely. He continues…I need to go pee…..I need some juice…..I need a book…let’s go downstairs….I no want my clothie…. I just read my book in silence. Today he added a new one, and it just about melted my heart. “I need a hug” What a sweet boy, he knows now how to get my attention!