Family Gathering

Well it was a little early (anything in November is early for me), but we had our first extended family gathering. It was nice, it was local for us this year which is always a treat with little kids who are not crazy about car rides. J was most entertained for over an hour by sitting and watching his second cousin play piano. They were so sweet together!

Making Vereniki

We had a good time making vereniki with family. It started with making the dough.
A bit-o-sass
A bit-o-sass
The babies needed attention too…
A bit-o-sass
Next came filling and forming all those vereniki….well let’s say we improved along the way!
A bit-o-sass

A bit-o-sass
A bit-o-sass
Meanwhile, J was cooking for Opa.
A bit-o-sass
And then the best part, enjoying the hard work!
A bit-o-sass
Oh, and Aunite V decided that E’s hair was long enough for a clip, here she is sporting it!! We won’t mention the crying that happened when she took it out…
A bit-o-sass

Turning 3 Changes a guy!

Well, my little man is doing a whole bunch of new things since his birthday on Sunday! Today he is proud to show off that he can jump with 2 feet without hanging on to anybody or anything! He has previously been to cautious to do that. Also today in the stroller, he was deliberately playing with E, getting her to giggle! He’s never done that before. Also our neighbour J pointed out that he is speaking so much more! Wow!

Happy birthday little J man

Today is J’s birthday. He is three. I can hardly believe it. We had a good day. Church in the morning, swimming in the afternoon, family and good friends over. He got some cool new toys, and was terrible sad to leave the new (toy) lawnmower to go to bed. We love you so much.

Check out the size of this flower!

Auntie V grows these giant hibiscus! I simply cannot believe the size of them!

Have I mentioned?

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my stroller?? It is so ready for anything! I can have the yellow seat facing me, or away, reclined or up, J’s rumble seat on the front, or off, and the ‘buggy board’ on the back up or down. Any way I use it, it gets lots of use!


It is now confirmed that little E is officially a stomach sleeper. She flips over to that on her own. Last night daddy tried to gently turn her onto her back during the night, and with a flick of her feet, presto, she was back on her stomach.

E tries peas

Not so sure about it!

Yoga in the yard…

Sweet siblings

We put E in the jolly jumper for the first time today. She loved being upright on her own, and was thrilled to be standing. She also loved it when I helped her jump. Of course this lead to spit up, or barfos-barfos as we call it in our house. J was so sweet, he ran to get a kleenex, and even dabbed at E’s barfos-barfos for me! Of course he also kept asking sweetly for “my turn, my turn”. I had to keep telling him he was too big for the jolly jumper! Mind you I also think they’d be very fun!