Birthday Party

These are from a little while ago, we were at a friend’s birthday party. There was a delightful clown, magic, facepaint and cake!! It was a delightful time!
A bit-o-sass
A bit-o-sass

Naw….this isn’t trouble at all


Oma baked paska for us again this year. It is simply delicious. Thank you Oma!

R turns 9

Where on earth has the time gone? I can hardly believe she is 9 already. The pictures speak for themselves… We love you darling!
Turning 1
A bit-o-sass
Turning 2
A bit-o-sass
Turning 3
A bit-o-sass
Turning 4
A bit-o-sass
Turning 5
A bit-o-sass
Turning 6
A bit-o-sass
Turning 7
A bit-o-sass
Turning 8
A bit-o-sass
Turning 9
A bit-o-sass

My little J man

My little J man is so sweet. He loves lego, and up until recently, he built towers and bridges. Then, the other day out of the blue he held this weapon like structure. For a moment my heart stopped. Then I realized he was waving it around his head with a “vrrrrrrrrr” noise. I asked him what it was, and he told me a hairdryer….he proceeded to dry my hair for me as well. I love him so much!

She stood today!

So little miss E was a mover and a shaker at Kindermusik. She was all over the room, making friends, clapping and smiling. She did come back to me at one point, grab my hands and pull to stand, then all of the sudden she let go of my hands! She managed to stand for about 3 seconds before landing on her bum, but she did it!

Got my Aveeno fix

There is simply nothing better than rocking a little clean baby to sleep, and smelling that lovely sweet baby aveeno smell….ahhh. precious.

So proud of my J man!

So J was all about “wash his hands” this morning as I was getting ready for the day. I told him he didn’t need to, this didn’t deter him. I told him there was no stool for him to stand on, and so he wandered off. I comes back pushing E’s portable exersaucer…I was curious, so I just watched him. Very deliberately he pushed it in front of the sink. Then he sort of dove into it, and managed to get back upright and into it. I figured he was stuck, but he managed to get up, stand on the seat of the exersaucer, and then move to stand on the edge and lean on the sink. I am so proud that he thought this all through, figured out how to solve his problem, and was brave enough to do it! Way to go little man! Needless to say I let him wash his hands (aka play with water) even though he had to change shirts after.

First trip to the dentist

J had his first trip to the dentist. He was a trouper, liked the chair, glasses and sucky thing. He was great, except that he was not so good at opening his mouth wide, so all they did was polish his front teeth and ask to see him in a few months. Still, I’d call that success!

Advent calenders

Well, we had the calenders but completely forgot to open them Saturday. So today the kids got to open 2 doors. I greatly fear that this has set the bar too high for J, and that he’ll want 2 again tomorrow!